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T + L 

The project includes both photo works “T+L” and “Ottern” which were on display for three weeks at the gallery Edition: in Linz. As exhibition in the shop window, the works paid attention to the covid situation and made it possible for the citizens to enjoy art regardless of the lockdown. The closing of museums and canceling of cultural events demonstrated the importance of art and culture for public life for everybody. That’s why the works are designed to be seen by every pedestrian and also valorize and revaluate public space. 
Both photographic works deal with human closeness and intimacy, one as a staged photography in a Viennese ice cream parlor, the other as abstract photo in a floating tank. The intention was to offer hope and beauty as coping strategies for a collectively and personally challenging time.  


Edition:, Linz 
Concept: Maria Stadlober, Melanie Ludwig
Photographers: Sara Meister, Daniela Gugler
Supported by Land Oberösterreich, Magistrat Linz 

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