“I wander through worlds.
I explore them, freely, sensually,
touching them over and over again,
to know something,
to forget something else,
and to remember.”

Hi, I’m Maria, an Artist and writer born in Korneuburg, Austria. I create music, performances and multidiscplinary artworks around the world. Characteristically, my work revolves around the themes of vulnerability, intimacy, relationships and - yes, you guessed it - love. I work both onstage as a musician and performer as well as behind the scenes as a choreorapher, director and project manager. I also write regularly on Marias Musings for Medium. 
Regarding my education, I hold a BA in theatre and film studies in Vienna, an MA in scenic practices and visual culture in Madrid and constantly learn in fields that interest me - some of them being feminism, dreams, the subconscious and psychology. 
For my full CV, click here. 

Photo by Daniela Gugler 
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