Seeker, Artist, Activist

I wander through worlds.
I explore them, freely, sensually,
touching them over and over again,
to know something,
to forget something else,
and to remember.

born in Korneuburg, Austria.
BA in theatre and film studies, Vienna
MA in scenic practices and visual culture, Madrid
works in different mediums and contexts,
mostly performance, music and poetry. She also collaborated with other artists, among them Marcelo Evelin, Mirna Bamieh, Ingri Fiksdal, Oliver Hangl and Civic Opera Creations. 

activist on european outer borders
serving food and tea with BeCause
reporter for VICE Magazine
assistant for counseling organization
LEFÖ for women migrants in Vienna
organizer of fundraising raves e.g. at Opera Club

Photo by Daniela Gugler