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Mauerdekolleté – a performative piece to explore the Self in a supposed Inbetween, our transformation of body and mind to an individual sexual identity as a secret super power. We investigate the societal acceptance of other body concepts and the violent transgression of our body boundaries.
Dramaturgical we were inspired by the sequence of the cell mitosis:
like the biological transformation of a cell, our (gender) identities in the play go through different transformational phases. For this, Ballett, Tai Chi, deep eye conact, shaving foam and burlesque costumes are used.


at improper walls and Theater Spektakel, Vienna
Concept and performance: Carmen Kirschner, Maria Stadlober
Production assistance: Florian Oberheinricher
Movement consultation: Achim Eckert
Supported by Bezirksförderung Margareten

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