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“Can we take a dive without getting wet? Silently we orbit love, lovely love, like two fish eating ice cream. Just dry runs? Real is just the small death, and the big death. “
Liebesgeflüster is an audio installation consisting of several sound boxes as part of the project Liebesgeflüster which explores an all-encompassing concept of Love. 
The audio tracks are composed of whispering about personal stories, ideas and experiences around love and relationships, processed into a sound collage. The whispering invites the audience to spatially experience closeness and distance themselves, becoming part of a choreography of relations that emerges in the space over a longer period. 
The whispers require undivided attention and can create intimate moments between the murmuring corners and the visitors. At the same time, each visitor chooses for themselves how much time to spend there. Reality and fiction in the stories become blurred, confessions and phantasies mingle. 


for Raw Matters Large & Long, Arbeitsplatz Vienna
concept and recordings: Melanie Ludwig, Maria Stadlober

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