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Kur shows the chase as a story of seduction between two women. A nonverbal dialog with gazes, gestures, touches, embedded in the atmospheric landscape of Lobau. When I go, do you follow? 
A dance between fear and attraction, excitement and hesitation, doubts and devotion.


for Filmakademie, Vienna
with: Rosanna Ruo, Maria Stadlober
direction and editing: Julia Sternthal 
camera: Leo Sorgo
camera assistants: Kristian Machtlinger, Matteo Sanders
sound: Luzia Johow, Shoshana Stark 
assistant director: Anna Prischl
sound design: Nava Hemyari
hair & make-up: Verena Geier, Julia Sternthal, Steve Wachter 
catering: Sissy Sternthal
video on demand

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