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Infiltración sólida 

Infiltration: the penetration of solid or liquid substance into biological tissue. Hidden espionage and sabotage in hostile strucutres. The focused treatment of a tissue circle by injecting liquid medication.
Infiltrarte.Martes was a planed event cycle to generate experiments, encounters and collective knowledge. A space for raw, expansive, daring, rampant ideas. Theory and practice, party and talks, formulated and fragile things collide.
Infiltración_sólida was the first intervention where we as hosts and performer cut a gigantic matcha cake with green sugar icing and infiltrate the public with it, cut by cut, piece by piece. Meanwhile, Emilio Papamija performs a poem about Trans-Migrants, Transgender and that without a proper name in our society.


at Espacio Pilarica, Madrid 
concept and performance: Manon Siv Duquesnay, Maria Stadlober
poetry and performance: Emilio Papamija

photo by Raffaella Menchetti

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