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Grete – a Rebellion in three acts is an inmersive theatre piece and was developed in the theatre club Joyous Rebelling for Beginners at Junges Volkstheater Vienna.
How is it possibel to connect the seemingly opposing concepts of pleasure and rebellion? How can places of pleasure promote and challenge critical thinking and cuestioning of current conditions?
Grete is also based on the story of two female personalities of the 5th Viennese district, Margareten: architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky and lawyer Grete Grau, both of them had to escape from Austri during National Socialism and were pioneers in their professions and political fights.
The first act of rebellion comes with a chocolate fountain and free massages, the second happens in a mobile boxing ring and in the thir we bring Grete Grau in the infamous bar „Wiener Freiheit“ back to life.


at Café Siebenbrunnen and Wiener Freiheit, Wien, in collaboration with Volx Margareten
concept, direction and artistic mentoring: Carmen Kirschner, Maria Stadlober
concept and performance: Katharina Buresch, Ines Kaiser, Christa Steineder

©M. Stadlober 2023
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