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Future Perfect 

Three operas, written and composed by teams of seven people within three days, and premiered on the evening of the third day. "CIVIC NEWSROOM" showed the works by 21 composers, librettists, directors, singers, musicians, stage and costume designers from Germany, Great Britain, Iran, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Austria. After the draw, three teams worked tirelessly on operas of our time. "Future Perfect" revolves around the question of the forms of the imagined future in cooperation with CAPE 10 and dialogues on the subject of health and social affairs with residents of the 10th district. (Text: 


for: Civic Opera Creations
at Kunsthaus Wien, Ankerbrotfabrik, Cape 10 
Concept: Carmen C. Kruse
Creative Producer: Leonora Scheib
Interviews & Space: Marie Steiner
Costumes: Clara Rosina Straßer
Direction: Steven Anthony Whiting
Composition: Flora Geißelbrecht
Music and Performance: Flora Geißelbrecht, Matej Bunderla, Caroline Mayrhofer, Johannes Schwendinger, Lena Weiss
Text & Performance: Maria Stadlober
Fotos: Isabella Liselotte

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