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Amor caliente

Amor Caliente is a performative-installative action. A performer eats up for tw hours an oversized sunday Heiße Liebe (a german sundae of Raspberries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream) and invites the visitors to join her on the second chair.
Incorporating it together, moments of closeness and intimacy, but also discomfort, astonishment, disgust occur. A mouth open to the world, desiring, wanting to receive, hoping and making itself vulnerable in this longing.
This performance is part of the project Liebesgeflüster (love whisper) that imagines love as practice and space. At the heart lies the courage for kitsch and proper vulnerability. Conceiving love as space allows us to raise questions of closeness and distance, longing and rejection, intimacy and boundaries. In the practice we try to get closer to love, encircle it without ever arriving, loving the failure.


for Acción x M2 at La JUAN Gallery, Madrid
Concept: Maria Stadlober, Melanie Ludwig 
Performance: Maria Stadlober

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