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El Carneval I & II

El Carneval is a choreographic piece in which we research the repetitive act of putting clothes on and off. In contrast to the Carneval, we drop costumes, masks and layers,on and off, on and off.
How is the flesh when it touches, squeezed by cloth, stretched by it?
What kind of space lies between clothing and skin?
How do clothes connect and separate us when we rip them off each other, expand, pull? Sculptures emerge between the bodies that transform continually, our relations, hold on, let go, and again.


at Teatro Pradillo, Madrid and Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao
supported by Dantzan Bilaka
Concept and choreography: Maria Stadlober, Marina Suarez Ortiz de Zarate
Concept and performance: Susanne Grau, Nina Horowitz, Paola Lopes Zamariola, Cristina Martinez Miñana, Jimena Peréz Salerno, Maria Tamarit
Videos: Maria Stadlober, Marina Suarez Ortiz de Zarate
Artistic Mentoring: Aitana Cordero, Cuqui Jerez 
Filming and thumbnail photo: Raffaella Menchetti

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